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The Dream ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

So i had this dream…
I’m in a plane, I’m High as a cloud,
There a huge explosion, and we’re falling now
I yell aloud- “Someone…. help me out!”
But there’s no one to be found…
Just silence all around.
I look down, and in an instant i have found,
a fact that’s matter of factness quickly compounds,

I’m in the air…. but I will soon will hit the ground
Damn it gravity. … you’ve let me down.

My heart pounding, and resounding
for the briefest instant my impending future
becomes astounding to me, and I melt down.

…I break.

I see the ground growing…
while molehills become mountains,
and time shows no slowing,
faster and faster I break.

As the air changes around me,
and I hear the world below…
harder and heavier I break

I think of my loved ones,
as the world gets closer,
 and I break.

I cry , and I lie to myself,
hoping against hope
that somehow ill float
but still no help,
as I break…
I accept my fate… and I break

I have no other options,
as I fall closer and closer…
I countdown my break down…

3 – I close my eyes…
2 – I hold my breath…
1-  I say goodbye…,

And I …..


Holy cow… I wake!

I gasp for air,and compare
my current surroundings
lost from the fall so afar there…
and for what seems like the first time,
in a long time,

my mind is blind to the dream.
subsiding, then dividing ebbing
and weaving tides.
in such a brief moment,
i got a dose of the other side,
And I cried.
I just…. cried.

And in that moment,
I decidedly deciphered
the secret of my life.
The truth that will always be there
The truth that never lies

You can’t control the fall,
You can only go along for the ride

Insecurity ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

Looking out, fear within
Heartbeats doubles, doubt sets in
Confidence lost, among the masses
Moments stretch, eternity passes
Ticking time bomb, pressure builds
Emotions surge, loss of will
When depression is in session,
The relection of our own skewed perception
Can cause an obsession with perfection…
Can cause an unhealthy obsession
driven by a chemical collection
Forcing an emotional insurrection
So we try to be strong…
press onward and upward,
in a unknown, and hopeless direction,
Inside a fully mental correctional facility
A protection facsimile
A proportional portion of emotional torture
from an emotionless warden
With delusions of grandeur
And still we just stand there.
Pretending that if we can hide it
from the rest of the world,
then maybe we can beat it….

“I can do it this time…. I mean it…”

Always feeling the wobbling knees
The cold hands and feet
The racing heartbeat
And knowing that while youre
going to do your best….
odds are realistically at best…..
So I stand here today
not to say it wont hurt,
Or It wont be hard,
But to simply say…..You’re not alone.
And you’re loved more than you know.

…And If you dont believe me,
feel free to come see me
If we ever cross paths, down the road.

The Red Kings Path ~ An Ode to Stephen King and Robert Browning ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

Through fields of snow, the horses come,
amongst many miles of travel.
Past clouds of white, to pass the light,
at the hands of a heavy gavel.
And ravens cry, with a third red eye,
giving notice to all who wonder.
A friend is he, a friend indeed,
that will tear this land a sunder.
It’s the red kings plan, to save all of man,
from the curse that they call life
He sees them trapped, and heads will snap,
as he shows the world his might.
The red kings lust, will paint with rust,
the land a crimson brown
The legend told, to both young and old,
for dischordia he is bound
And with every step, a gift is left,
from mountain, to grass, to stream
A poison cloud, screams so loud,
please wake us from this dream
We must remain, for the kings insane,
and will surely see us crumble
Where would we go, in ice and snow,
this is our home, be it ever so hunble
But look past the sun at the mighty gun,
with wood and silver grips
The only thing to fight the red kings might,
hangs steadfast upon his hip
For what once was known is now almost lost,
as it’s use has been forgotten
We must sew the fields of today,
so tomorrow does not rotten.
You see, the light itself, can only help,
a field that is now forsaken
Taken up, to the Devils cup,
from which it shall be taken.
And towers watch from thorns on high,
unknowing shadows cast,
A symbol for all to see, away from darkness past.
So now we kneel, and pray that he’ll,
be kind in our darkest hour
For all things, do serve The Beam,
including the Dark Tower.

Fear – (Image Submission Accepted: Sam Marlar)

How do you speak, when you don’t have the words?
Just a cauldron of emotions that needs to be constantly stirred.
With a spoonful of feeling all the flavors become real
With no way to explain how you currently feel
And no one to share with, the thoughts in your mind
As terror, becomes the bearer of all the things that you hide
What once started as something innocent and pure
Feels like a hammer, that will shatter,
each and every nerve…

It’s fear.

And its as real as you make it.

The Human Condition ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

And that’s the human condition.
Sometimes over entertaining
And that’s the human condition
working bordom overtaking
Breaking, working, so painstaking,
eating, working, minds a blanking,
typing, working hands are shaking
Working working clearly working
Any way to pause this working
Eyes a twitching necks a jerking
Punch the clock and….
W. H. E. W…….
Get home in time to start drinking
Pass out drunk and start the dreaming
And that’s the human condition

Today is a Tough Day ~ (Image Submission Accepted: Grace June)

Today is a tough day

A day where my anxiety,
gets the best of me,
and any reality, of peace and tranquility,
Are out of reach to me

Today is a tough day

Where fear of things not in my control,
take hold, and choke the air out of me,
And I stand there soundlessly screaming,
my emotions boundlessly scheming,
while I’m feeling
as though I’m losing my mind and inch at a time.

Today is a tough day

Where my heart becomes heavy and full of doubt,
and the joy that it held so strongly, has given out,
and everything inside of me wants to kick and punch,
and scream and shout, until it all comes out… Today….
its a tough damn day

Today is a day where I’ll have to put on a smile,
where one should not be.
where I’ll wear a mask of androgeny.
Where I’ll let people only see what they want to see….
And pretend to be, what I need to be,
to create the world I want to see.

Fuck….. Today is a tough god damned day

I don’t know how else to do it,
I don’t know if I’ll even get through it
But I will try and let what may
Happen in any way that it chooses.

I tell myself that I’m stronger
than this culmination of chemicals
creating obstacle after obstacle but the truth is
I’m fading
The truth is
my defences are degrading
And this anger is culminating,
And darker and darker thoughts
begin invading and persuading
my otherwise positive and happy mind,
into a pulsating, spiral, almost viral,
downward pull, A mediocre lul
In a Darkness that is null and void, and unavoidable,

and I can’t help but question
whether the effort I put into the world is worth it….
Do they deserve it….
This undying effort,
this, never getting rest or,
never hearing thanks,
or never showing for one moment that you give a damn!
I wanna scream
“The Answer….. it’s right there in your damn hands man.”
I do everything I can,
I plan and I plan,
but no one understands. You don’t understand.

Today is a tough day.

So why then, do I do it
day after day,
Take blow after blow
For people that can’t appreciate
what they don’t even know

So that I might find a balance between truth,
and the message I hold dearest.
To be led by love, not pushed by fear,
lest I become all the the things I detest,
because, unless I am wrong,
the best of me is better than the worst,
any day, every day
all day long.

Numb ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

There are days when I don’t feel a thing.

When my ears ring,
and my eyes sting,
and my heart doesn’t have the love it needs
to fuel it through the roadblocks that lay ahead.

The distractions compile,
and while,
my will becomes crushed by the overwhelming belief
that all of this stress is real,
My soul finds itself overburdened by a darkness,
  it can actually feel.

And I can’t see it,
And I can’t touch it,
but I know that it’s there,
slowly ticking ,ticking, ticking away
at a place where the guilt of past choices
is ripping, ripping, ripping away
at my ability to hold on to the hope
that maybe, just maybe,
things will get better.

There are days I feel like crying…

There are days I feel like dying…

And there are days I feel
like I don’t want to feel
because the reality of all things real
Is just too much
for my weakening heart to bare.

It’s a natural corrosion of the worst kind.
An ocean wave receding  a shoreline,
Gently and beautifully destroying what once was,
layer after meticulous layer.
The type of change that might go a month,
a year, a decade,
without ever being noticed until one day,
what was once a place of familiarity,
is now, in an instant,
someplace completely unrecognizable.

It’s strange, to be a stranger in your own mind.
To look around, and have no comfort to find.
To be lost in a forrest made up of deceit,
with only a faded map of who you used to be
and an emotional compass spinning wildly,
around and around,
as your head spins
around and around,
and as hard as you try you can’t win,
around and around,
and the pressure builds around,
until one day….
everything just…. stops.

You stop caring…
You stop feeling…
You stop loving…

You just… stop.

You stop living the life that you should be living,
because of all the needless giving
of your Most precious self,
to the Least useful things,
Instead of just believing,
and receiving
all of the things that you are not currently perceiving.

And so you start grieving
for all the things you’ve been dreaming of
in that magical place…
that careening river which moves us
between opposing shores,
in a boat with no motor, no sail, no ores,
we face the truth that,
Those who will strive to paddle against the odds
will always go further, faster,
than those who tether themselves to the shore.

There are days when I don’t feel a thing.
And I want to do no more.
But I will do no more…. no more.

while there are days
when I don’t feel a thing…
there are also days…

when I do.

The Things I Wish I Could Say ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

Oh the things I wish I could say to you
The words I wish you could hear
The thoughts I wish I could share with you
To finally make things clear
Oh the things I wish I could say to you
The things Ive had to hide
But If you couldn’t hear me anyway
Was it ever really a lie?
You see there’s things I would gladly say to you
If I only knew the way
To get across my message, in a less offensive way
Because every time I share with you,
the thoughts that are on my mind,
My feelings shared, but unprepared,
your reaction is not so kind
So what else can I say to you,
to show I’m on your side
And prevent this pointless battle,
that happens each and every time
It seems there nothing I can say to you,
no words, no thoughts, no deeds
To prove to you my love is true,
and you’re all I’ll ever need
So I’ll say just one last thing to you,
and if you still don’t understand,
I’ll try again tomorrow,
and read this poem once again.

Can You See Me ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

It seems I constantly find myself
trapped in states of duality
There’s parts of me, that want to be
More than anyone can see

More than a friend
Less than a lover
Somewhere in between
One or the other

It’s a constant balance
between the things I love
and the things that love me

And I get lost in the latter,
to my fault,quite easily.

It’s not that I’m not confident
or that I need constant admiration
But fuck if I don’t enjoy
a little validation
Fuck if I don’t enjoy
the celebration of a crowd
Or when some who cares enough
to tell me they’re proud

There’s something cool about being
that person who inspires,
while watching joy conspire,
and people get higher
off nothing more that the hint of possibility.
Watching their stresses become lighter
Watching their flame burn brighter
With a subtexual intensity

Only seen to those that care to see it.
But I see it.

I see you.
I see you sitting in the crowd
Right here right now

I see you.

Can u see me?

Physical Beauty ~ (Image Submission Accepted: Dylan Le)

I realized today,
that physical beauty distracts me.
It attracts me,
and perhaps the
sheer way that all things beautiful contrast we
never seem to be fully aware
that the
cast he, or she
is that sheet  of armor,
that protection from harm or,
Maybe it’s just
the only way that someone knows how to relate
to a reality, that tragically,
isn’t all that great.

But none of that,
changes the fact,
that physical beauty distracts me.

And All of this
distracts me from seeing
Past all the things,
That seemed so appealing,
Those revealing and receding themes
that preceded the visions and dreams
that came to me when I was younger.

But where there used to this sense of wonder
I can’t help but notice,
sense of hunger.

This hunger that hungers for a physical connection,
this desire for A soul compression,
This… emotional regression.

it’s A lesson,
that alone only lessens,
the connection that we could have had.
and in a time where depression is a growing fad
I guess being a statistic isn’t all that bad.

Because Let’s admit,
that Physical beauty can drive you mad.
It’s Been turning saints into sinners,
since times began

And of course people say
That personality, and chemistry,
are more important than physical beauty
And just so you know,
I’d tell you – they’re right.

But while I live for the spiritual,
I’d die for the physical.

I’d die,
if only for the minimal,
unmistakable feeling
that will eventually,
become permanently unavailable.

It’s attainable,

but it’s fleeting…
it’s unsustainable.

I don’t know,  maybe that’s what makes it, so sensational.

I enjoy the physical beauty, you see,
and I’ve learned that the universe is LITERALLY filled with both.
Beauty that’s purely AESTHETIC
and beauty that can touch your soul
Appealing to the eye,
or as deep as the ocean
or as complex as the universe in constant motion,
I guess what I’m saying,
is that since times be-gun
it’s always been a world of possibility,
As long as your not distracted by something as simple,
and yet as complex, and yet as simple
as physical beauty.

Sensuous (Image Submission Accepted: Chris Wooley)

I love the word sensuous
From the sound of it, to the definition bound to it.
I love how the word rolls off your tongue, your lips…
how the word itself bends and dips,
how it creates a world of its own,
and just…    sits.
Waiting for that exact moment to tingle and tantalize your skin,
your eyes, your hips.
And while I’m aware,
that there is an air
of sexual emotion wrapped up in this lingual definition,
 the biggest mistake you can make,
is to confuse sensuality… with sexuality.
You see, while grass may be green,
not everything that’s green is grass,
And there’s a universe of wonder
beyond a good lookin ass.
Don’t get me wrong,  I enjoy sex as much as the next guy. ..
hell maybe more
But sex without the senses is, procreation…
nothing more.
What I’m talking about is the touch,
the taste, the sights and the sounds,
the things that make life an adventure,
that make the experiences compound.
The beauty of a painting created from somebody’s soul,
the articulate re-telling of a tale that never gets old
The smell of a meal, you’ve waited all day to taste,
or the simple yet necessary touch of a lovers embrace.
If It’s the littlest of moments, that we really should savor
You see, it is the senses
that give life it’s flavor.
When you hear the word sensuous,
take a moment and really think
What life without the senses, would actually be
For life without the senses, is the sun without light,
its summer without warmth,
it’s no taste in your bite.
But add a few colors, or feelings or tones
And the world becomes vibrant, exciting, unknown.
I love the word sensuous,  and all it holds true
And especially the ways it connects me with you.

Waiting, Hoping, Watching, Wishing ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

I keep waiting, hoping, watching… wishing
for that moment of hope to elope
from that sweet opening
in between those stunning lips…
In each breath there’s a depth that’s inept
at describing the perfect way
you see right through this shield
that I clearly yield imperfectly
You don’t try, and I don’t mind
but I find that the kind of attention you provide,
forces my brain and my body to collide
in such creative, and disruptive tides,
that moments escape me….
hell, they overtake me…
You over take me….

I would give an eternity
and be eternally subservient
to whatever deviant god you worship.
Just to own it…
one moment of your precious time.
And oh how that one moment would be sublime,
with you at my side admiring me
the way I admire you.
When the only thing to do
is to appreciate the fleeting second
that can resurrect a direct and longing connection,
with no specific direction,
and no need for course correction.
A moment of perfection.
Followed immediately by recession
A dying obsession,
a faded impression,
A fluttering compression of pressure
in all the right intersections
of an erect section of my mind.

A place I never knew, I had to find.

A place I never knew,
I had,
to find.
I want your body to embody me
while your mind mistifies me,

and our energies and physical bodies collide
in a roller coaster ride of subtle lows,
and voracious highs.
Where dreams and reality collide
and there’s no space, no time…
simply rythm… and rhyme.
Where our rythms intersect
and inject orgasmic caticlysms,
that dance on hymns of delight
sung out with each… long…. gasping… breath.
And still…
the temptation to breath
succeeds to the temptation to touch,
and you no longer care about air
because the air that was there,
no longer compares, it just simply isn’t enough..
Where every moment is the first moment
And every moment is the last moment
And in that moment we will be
the only thing that we need to be….
I will be with you… And you will be with me
I keep waiting, hoping, watching… wishing
for that moment of hope to elope
from that sweet opening
in between those stunning lips…

Sexual Tension ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

I enjoy sexual tension.
I do.
I enjoy the guessing… not knowing.
The simple insecurity hidden amass marvelous wonder.
I enjoy that feeling you get
when you meet eyes with someone halfway through a smile,
and you both have to just…. take a moment.
I enjoy getting caught up in conversation
and consistently getting lost
between the words that I hear,
and the chemistry that I feel.
I enjoy that first touch… That first shiver….
almost too subtle to notice…
I enjoy sexual tension
I enjoy feeling someone else’s
anticipation of the nights events.
That particular hunger of whats to come.

I enjoy that exact moment
when you are secure in the feeling
that the person you are attracted to…
is also attracted to you.

I enjoy touching…
Kissing……. licking…….
Nibbling, biting, bumping…
I enjoy the breath that holds on
just a little… bit… longer….

I enjoy snuggles afterward…
Although I don’t enjoy…. the word “snuggles”

I enjoy the goodbye.

I enjoy winding down.
I enjoy making my bed,
and knowing how few people get to experience..

I enjoy.

A Gift ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

I will fall in love with all the things about you…
that are different.
Everything that you might not like.
that everyone…
has ever told you was bad,was wrong,
Or was dirty.
Where one might see dirt, and mud,
I see beach and sand.
Where some see,
too fat… or too thin, I see beautifull curves,
or someone who’s wonderfully slim.
For it even defies
the most brilliant of minds
The uncountable miracles
that had to coalesce,
From the Big Bang,
to the present tense,
To create the very moment that we now share.
Never believe that youre worth is achieved
by any single thing that you do.
It’s all the little things you think,
the things you feel,
the things you do.
You are beautiful from head to toe,
and I know,
a butterfly can’t see its own beauty,
but… trust me…
if you could see what I see,
oh how much happier you’d be.
The love for you I have,
can come only from truth.
And there’s a purpose,
on this earth that
brought a gift to me like you.

I’m still me ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

I feel like as I get older,
there’s more of an expectation to act …”older”.
That to be …”older”
means that I somehow have be less “bolder”
….that as I grow old,
I must grow cold
And as my hair recedes,
I must concede,
that the foreboding conclusion of my life…
is my only destiny.
And I feel the pressure of that
in all of it’s totality.
As though I must conform
to the societal expectation of normality….
I don’t want to be at a place,
where I’m simply “o.k.”
with where I am in life.
I don’t want to accept “truths”
simply because I can’t see past
the obstacles they hide behind.
And while my body may be slowing down,
my brain is speeding up
And it’s growing harder and harder to fill
this metaphorical cup.
I don’t like the idea of getting older.
Hell, I barely like the idea of growing up.
And while my body is waging war
my spirit is raging,
For everything life has to offer
Everything there ever was… and more.

I am still a child with a wild curiosity
I’m still…. a dreamer of overcoming atrocity
I’m still, trying to minimize animosity
With a ferocious viscosity
It still hurts me to see a dependency to mediocrity
I’m still….
a believer of reciprocity
And as old as I get,
I’m willing to bet
I will still continue to be….

Religion ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

There are some things
I do not understand
Like why war, and religion
Always seem to go hand in hand
Why it’s o.k to lay blame, from up high and call names
When that same book says we’re all sinners
And may be going the same way.

You tell me about this god
who is nothing but love
But then judges from on high
and punishes from above
Who gives us the freedom,
to do what ever we choose,
but not the wisdom to balance,
nor the knowledge of truth
Nor the strength to hold fast
against the call of temptation,
but if we are weak,
like he made us,
it’s eternal damnation? 
By your own definition,
God designed us to fail,
to be flawed, and to falter,
while salvations hidden under a veil.
I don’t know,
If you asked me,
id say it seems kind of cruel,
To build a creature designed
to break your own god damned rules.

So let me ask you,
if your God was on earth as a man,
would you still kneel and worship,
the place where he stands,

Would you still sit, kneel and bow
in a world of contradictions,
Trapped, in the confines
of your own stubborn conviction

if He pointed out holes in the stories you tell
Would you tell Him,that he was going to hell,

Would you turn him away
if he showed up at your door
Like those you call sinners, vile, or whores?

Because the guy that you worship,
the middle eastern jew from Bethlehem,
Was a socialist,
non tax payer,
that sat and prayed
with all of them
The very same ones
That you judge and berate and demean
Are the exact group of people
That your saviour said to redeem.

And don’t get it twisted,
it’s not with god whom I have an issue
But those that try to define his greatness
within their own personal virtue.

The greatest mistake man ever made
was creating god in our own image
Like a visage of submission
to our own contradictions.

Those that attempt to control anothers morality,
will immediately fall victim to their on hypocrisy.

For every commandment you pretend to support,
and for every law you attempt to distort
For every soul you contort
and every court you implore
To report on the lore
from a century before
This isn’t going to work anymore.

When facts don’t matter,
And assumptions can shatter
The former,
the latter becomes
the corner foundation
Of a mislead nation.
And these actions will shape upcoming generations

In this life,
There is very little absolution,
And personally
I refuse to choose
to lose myself
in self delusion
If I the only one coming to this conclusion
Please forgive the intrusion

Things have got to change.
We have got to change.

Tonight ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

I will not fall sleepily over
to fade upon the mediocre
lines that society
has radically
Washed over me
I will not be
the Sacrificee
Who bleeds the blood
Of those that have come
From 1000 sins of silence.

And with the knowledge
that I am not yet righteous
I refuse to be pious
Or unrightly giant.
But I will not be quiet…

For I am defiant of anyone
who would try to confine us with anything including
but not limited to physical violence.
Even the great Isaac Newton knew…
“every action will have an equal and opposite consequence”

If they Build a fence…
I will climb it
If they Shroud me in darkness…
my light will become blinding
If they Strike me down…
I will get back up and rise above it

For they can not control me,
And No matter how much they fight it
There will always be those of us,
who refuse to be binded
There will always be those who fight for the lives
of those who have been abused, forgotten, and misguided
Make no mistake
this battle is not one sided
And those that are trying to break us
are incredibly one track minded
In all of history they have never subsided
And provided we never become truly enlightened
The structure of the future…
They will write it
Built on a foundation
of our own nations
conflict and fighting
And I guess, if the consequence for such deliverance
Requires nothing more than circumstantial evidence
Then may I fall intently,
standing side by side
with those that work to bring us together
and not those that work to divide

And who knows…. maybe by our own damnable will
we will fulfill and foster the single solitary value
that we all know to be true…..
A lesson we learned before we turned two…..
“Do unto others…. as you would have them do unto you”.
It’s such a simple yet poignant clue….

So what are we gonna do?
Can we stand up,
approach each other open minded,
and come together as one,
put all the nonsense behind us?
If so,
then maybe we can break down the barriers
Tear apart the walls
Shatter the misconceptions
And repair each and all
of the things that historically
have been metaphorically un-repairable.
Maybe we can become…
Uncomparable to any of our ancestors
And be the trend setters of a new tomorrow.
One that does not borrow from broken traditions,
One in which our primary mission,
Is to make today better than yesterday,
in a way, that does not discriminate
based on Social Class, sexual orientation,
color, creed, age, gender or race…
In a way in which we liberate ourselves
from the bondage we helped create.

AK-nowledgement ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

Its truly a shame that a violent crime in a modern time
is enough to disrupt any sense we had of community.
And because someone disagrees, that must mean,
that we judge and disconnect with impunity…

I heard today that there was another shooting.
And while the news was uprooting
The shock…  off putting
the polluting of my Facebook feed,
became so diluting
from the discussion about the things we need,
That I had to turn away.
And that’s not something I say
with pride.
What surprises me more
is how quickly people went to defend
the very item that RECEIVE dividends
every time some one fires it.
And let me be clear,
I’m a guns rights enthusiast, I don’t hide it.
But we have got to step the hell up in spite of it.
People are using the things we enjoy to cause riots,
Kids are dying,
lives are fading away and we try to deny it.
People are abusing the law,
And whether we like it or not,
that reflects back upon us.
We have got to be honest,
stand up and begin to own the onus.

We have to break free from historical repetition.
We have to break free from fearing recognition.
We have to admit that the sins of the past are still sins,
and while we are not the ones at fault,
it has been our responsibility all along,
to repair the corruptions and disruptions
that are still here, today going wrong.

People are dying.
Our loved ones are dying.
Our children…are dying.

Eliminating gun rights is not the answer,
that logic is a cancer,
But there’s a chance that there’s
Some kind of middle ground.
At first glance I know how that sounds,
But there’s answers all around.

You can regulate guns
that limit access to people with mental disability,
You can provide authorities with the resources they need,
to minimize guns on the street
Without punishing the law abiding citizens of this country.

A gun is nothing more than a tool,
And only a fool would blame the screwdriver
for not being able to screw
But this is bigger than that…
It’s bigger than me…..

Its bigger than you.

Something has to change,
This problem won’t go away
Until each and every one
of us stands up and says
that we are willing to work together
to be better
than the violence that plagues us today.

Stand up. 

Stand up.

Privilege ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

The belief that were are all created equal is bullshit,
we don’t all have the same opportunities and you know it
We don’t all have the same parents,
we don’t all have the same homes,
Not all of us live in safe neighborhoods,
where we can freely roam
And if you live in North America,
Then even at your poorest
Other people’s high points
Still don’t come close to our lowest.
Yeah we have homeless, hungry and poor,
But compare that to a life
where there’s bombs dropping outside your door,
Compare that to a dictator that gives you no choice
Or a government designed
and intent on silencing your voice.

I know you don’t want to hear this,
but you have it so easy…
Because the 1%, The common people
and the third world might as well be different species

Don’t kid yourself for a second
Privilege is as privilege does
And every penny you didn’t have to spend on housing,
food or shelter,
is a reminder of privilege if there ever was

Every time you’ve been to the hospital
  and didn’t worry about paying the bill
Everytime your not treated
like an object or cheap thrill
Every creep you don’t have to laugh off at a bar or
Every time you weren’t afraid to walk to your car
Every racist comment you haven’t had to hear
Every, Single, Moment…you aren’t wrapped in fear
Is a moment you better hold dear

Cause you have no know idea
how hard this world really can be,
until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.
And if you do,
then you’re actually blessed to possess
a different point of view.

And yea you should know, that it doesn’t escape me,
that my skin is about as white as white can be,
and I am a man, with a home and a family
I am as privileged as anyone can be.
I am a dude in his 40’s
that’s in the middle class,
and at first glance you think I’d gotten a free pass,

But don’tget it twisted,
there’s more than what you see…
I was a kid of the street,
I’m not there now… but I used to be,
Back when it was only eggs on the menu
  breakfast lunch and dinner every day of the week,
sitting in front of our massive 13 inch black and white screen,
while mom and dad were sniffin coke off the sink,
and gunshots were going off every day of the week
Yup, been there, done that.
And its in all that darkness, I found myself at.

So yes, I’m living proof,
  that it can be done with hard work….
But why should someone have to work
so much harder because of a circumstance of birth.

I’m Paying for my father’s sins,
while your father is paying your bills
If we have a conversation about equality,
  let’s start here, cause the irony is enough to give me chills.

Some of us played on the wrong side of the tracks
Some took the road less traveled and never looked back
There are those of us who cry,
and shake due to genetic conditions
Some who have naturally positive dispositions
Some who work hard, and some who beg,
some that can’t walk a step,
cause they lost their leg
in a war that you and I profit off of,
which if that doesn’t sound true,
 than maybe you should look a little closer to home,
because maybe the ones that’s privileged…
Is you.

Every single one of us here in this room. 


My Plea ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

I hesitate to say this,
but I think the human race is
at a place where the fate
of each of us
is in the hands of the next generation.
And there is truth to the accusation,
that it is us,
who are giving the youth of today
great pause and hesitation.
That it is us,
who have created
a new type segregation.
That we are the ones to blame
for their procrastination.
And, if I’m being honest,
I can understand the rationalization.

You see,
by all accreditation
We have left them a future,
with which there may be no reparations…
For we have left them, unnecessary complications.
We have left them hate filled nations
and polluted degradation.
And as we drown the younger generation
in our own doubts and frustrations,
we project onto them our own nonsense limitations…
and then immediately complain about their trepidation?

What an absurd rationalization.

How is it ok for us as leaders
to rule through intimidation,
while we judge the placation
of an advanced civilization.
While we invest nothing more
than role designation.
We sit and do nothing through blind dedication
to a false sense of obligation
in a corrupt system of our own creation.

We have elected leaders who’s greed
threatens the very things we need
to survive.
We have invested our money
in companies
that value profit
more than human life.

We have given corporations a voice
And thus a choice to speak,
But a corporation has no soul to feel,
no blood to bleed, no skin to peel.
When will we see that these things ARE NOT REAL?
We have made an individual
out of something with no individuality.
And thus created , this frustrated
sense of augmented reality.
and it is a tragedy.

We are the ones that were supposed to be better.
And to the letter, we have let them down.
We have sold our souls by the pound.
We have sold our souls,
to the beliefs that came from an older mold,
of traditions of a time we’ve never  known.

Don’t believe me, look around

Just Look.

I hope they can forgive us
And I hope they do it soon
Because every second we get closer
to what may be impending doom.
And it’s clear that we can’t fix this
At least Its clear we won’t anyway
So at least, in the name of peace
If you’re not going to help,
at least, Get out of the way
I don’t know what else to say…

I don’t know what else to say.

Be the Change ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

Do you know what I love to see
more than anything else in the world… ?
In every version it comes in.
A couple holding hands,
someone going out of their way to help someone else,
even something as simple as an unsolicited smile.
There are few things that make my day brighter.
It never ceases to amaze me how close love is to us.
Even when we can’t see it. It’s there.
And when it’s not there… we have the ability to create it.
And often with such little effort.
One of the greatest gifts we have,
is the ability to take a moment that is filled
with anger, with fear, with violence, ….with hate,
and in an instant, create a space for love,
completely changing the moment we were in.
And all,
Simply by changing our mindset.
Simply by being, the change, we want to see.
It takes a choice.
It takes a conscious effort to be better
than what’s around you.
To be the light in the darkness….
To be a hero.
No one said being a hero was easy…. but hey …
at least you get to be the hero.

Positivity ~ Submission Open [Submit Here]

I’ve guess ive always been blessed with positivity
I don’t know, maybe it’s because
I’ve always had this sensitivity
To possibility,
I see the world’s hostility
and while most people are filled with reactivity,
I don’t let it get to me.
I won’t let it get to me.
Because I’ve seen that probability is unequivocally,
quite possibly
the most likely and eventual reality.
It’s not until limitation was met with hostility
that I perpetually and aggressively
threw myself into duality.
The highs and lows of insanity
Oh the calamity!
Feelings of inadequacy,
tearing into me,
creating a form of dependency,
while my doubts took a hold of me,
and all the while, I was getting
ultimately, intimate with anxiety.
And it was a amazing how quickly I fell into apathy.
That’s when this atrocity,
finally dawned on me,
I was living a falsity.
A perplexing and vexing battle
contesting the messy and often taxing reality
that rests so easily between abundance and scarcity.
Consistently living in alarm,
walking unarmed
into a world that wants to harm me
at the first hint of vulnerability.
So I chose to sit in anonymity.
Hide from all that would judge me.
And that’s when it occurred to me,
that maybe, just maybe
there’s more to life
than the eye can see.
This complex and never ending system of reciprocity.
Vibrational frequency,
modified by energy,
multiplied by factors of infinity
hold everything together….
but still do not bind me…
it’s as simple as gravity.
I live with intensity;
focus my eye on what makes me happy.
Everything else, can just go on by me.
  No harm, no foul,
I’ll laugh through adversity,
cause ain’t nothing in this world that can hold me.
And don’t think for a second,
I’ll ever fade into obscurity.
I am here, I am now, I am eternity.

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